Genome-wide identification of MADS-box gene family in orchardgrass and the positive role of DgMADS114 and DgMADS115 under different abiotic stress
2022年11月08日 16:29

发表期刊:International Journal of Biological Macromolecules



Abstract:Abiotic stress, a major factor limit growth and productivity of major crops. Orchardgrass is one of the most important cool-season forage grasses in the world, and it is highly tolerant to abiotic stress. TheMADS-boxtranscription factor family is one of the largest families in plants, and it plays vital roles in multiple biological processes. However,MADS-boxtranscription factors in orchardgrass, especially those involved in abiotic stress, have not yet been elucidated. Here, 123DgMADS-boxmembers were identified in orchardgrass and a detailed overview has been presented. Syntenic analysis indicated that the expansion of theDgMADS-boxgenes in orchardgrass is mainly dependent on tandem duplication events. SomeDgMADS-boxgenes were induced by multiple abiotic stresses, indicating that these genes may play critical regulatory roles in orchardgrass response to various abiotic stresses. Heterologous expression showed thatDgMADS114andDgMADS115could enhance stress tolerance of transgenicArabidopsis, as revealed by longer root length or higher survival rates under PEG, NaCl, ABA, and heat stress. The results of this study provide a scientific basis for clarifying the functional characterization ofMADS-boxgenes in orchardgrass in response to environmental stress can be further used to improve forages and crops via breeding programs.